Journey To World's Toughest Mudder - Follow The Journey

8 weeks and 3 days until World's Toughest Mudder 2015... Follow and share the journey and discover how you can awaken your inner athlete.

Day 1 - What To Do When You're Not "Feeling It"

Have you ever felt NOT in the mood to do something? Here a trick to switch on your motivation!

Day 2&3 - What Happens When Things Don't Go To Plan?

Sometimes, event the best plans don't work out. This is the time to learn from experience. Remember - Experience + Learning + Implementation = Growth

Day 4 - Back Into The Swing Of Things

Shoes, music, planning, spontaneity and more - sometime lots of things come together to create a great training session and leave you feeling energized! Love these moments - here's to many more of them!

Day 5 - Guilt Free Couch Time

There's nothing better than earning your down time on the couch - We call this "guilt-free couch time"

Day 6/7/8 - Quick Healthy Snacks To Fuel Your Workouts And Recovery

Let's face it... If you're training for an event you probably don't have much time to cook, so here are some simple tips for simple, healthy, quick snack food to keep your training and recovery going well.

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