The Secret Language Of Your Body And How To Listen To What It's Saying

Your body is always giving you feed back, but it doesn't use words. The feedback starts as a whisper, then amplifies if ignored. In this episode we explore what are some of the common feedback signals our bodies give us from a physical, mental, emotional and energetic point-of-view, and what you can do to respond and improve your performance.

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Thanks for listening!  To help refresh your memory, or to jump to some of the key points we made without having to listen to the whole podcast again, here's our 'bullet point summary':

  • Your body doesn't speak words, but it does give feedback
  • Feedback starts as a wisper, and if ignored, may turn into a full blown screaming tantrum
  • Feedback comes in the form of physical, mental, emotional and energetic signals
  • Lean to listen to how your body communicates with you
  • Take the feedback, learn the lesson, and implement a new strategy. If you don't know what that strategy is, just try something different