Key Influences For Maintaining Focus And Avoiding Distraction

You've probably heard the saying "you get what you focus on". Well, that's the topic of this podcast episode.

In this episode we talk about the key strategies that influence your focus, from your environment and home to the conversations you have with friends and what you watch on TV.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy our top tips for how to create your Inner Athlete Focus

Listen Now!

Thanks for listening!  To help refresh your memory, or to jump to some of the key points we made without having to listen to the whole podcast again, here's our 'bullet point summary':

  • The importance of your environment as a key influence of your focus
  • Your home is your place of recovery and needs to be a key place of creating overall lifestyle focus
  • Be mindful of the conversations you have with others and what belief systems you are agreeing with
  • Your TV is a key (and often constant) source of directed focus. Be mindful of the messages you are unconsciously absorbing
  • Or just switch of your TV (take control of what you watch)
  • Create your focus anchors to help you keep the important things front of mind