How Goals, Rituals And Habits Are The Key To Success

In this episode we discuss the importance of goals and what makes a great goal, plus what are the next steps.

So many people stop at setting the goal. We share the concepts and tip behind creating daily rituals and habits which are the essential life blood for making goals reality.

Listen Now!

Thanks for listening!  To help refresh your memory, or to jump to some of the key points we made without having to listen to the whole podcast again, here's our 'bullet point summary':

  • Set goals!
  • Goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time focused (make this a calendar date)
  • Or... you could just choose an event to train for (this takes care of the SMART principle)
  • Setting goals isn't enough - you've got to get training
  • Create new habits by creating daily rituals
  • 'What are 1 to 3 things, that if you did them EVERY DAY would guarantee you would achieve your goal?' - now plan them into your day and do them!