[Special] A Physiotherapist's Perspective On Peak Performance

Welcome to this special episode of The Project Inner Athlete Podcast. In this episode we interview Jarrad Lethbridge, physiotherapist at Life Ready Physio, sports therapy specialist and athlete.

Jarrad brings a wealth of experience both professionally and personally to the world of physical peak performance with a key focus on helping patients improve beyond the functionality they had prior to injury.

In this interview we discuss topics like what to notice in your body, how to know when your body needs a little recovery help, the importance of biomechanics, shoes, and important tips for injury prevention and peak performance for running, cycling and swimming.

Thanks to Jarrad and Life Ready Physio for being part of our network and taking the time to share your wisdom. To find out more about Life Ready Physio, go to www.lifereadyphysio.com.au


Listen Now!

Thanks for listening!  To help refresh your memory, or to jump to some of the key points we made without having to listen to the whole podcast again, here's our 'bullet point summary':

  • There is a difference between treatment and managment of injuries
  • One of the most important influencers of your biomechanics is your shoes (wear good ones and replace them often!)
  • Key tips for preventing injury for running, cycling and swimming
  • Common injuries and how to identify them for running, cycling and swimming
  • Use a foam roller as a 'check' for your body