Oxfam Trailwalker Training Guide

Congratulations on taking on the challenge of the Oxfam Trailwalker and thank you for taking the time to prepare more by visiting this page. This is where you will find training tips and resources for your physical training and mental conditioning.....

Yep... You read that right... Mental Conditioning, because this challenge will test you physically AND mentally -whether you are going for a course record or you're just in it to get to the finish line... as a team... still as friends!

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  • Walking The Walk: Your Strategy For A Successful Trailwalk
    Walking The Walk: Your Strategy For A Successful Trailwalk

    Whether you’ve chosen to do the 50 or 100km challenge, it’s common to start thinking of questions you may not have considered until now, so we’ve put together a little info sheet to help you through your physical and mental preparation leading up to and during the race.

  • Training And Planning Tips
    Training And Planning Tips

    Here is a short list of tips when planning your training and developing your strategy for your walk.

  • Designing Your Training Plan
    Designing Your Training Plan

    Here's a short list of Dos and Don'ts when designing your training plan.

Who Is Your Inner Athlete?

Your inner athlete is the part of you that strives to be your best, wherever you are, who ever you are with, whatever you are doing. Your inner athlete understands the importance of physical health and fitness and knows that the results you achieve in your career, your relationships and your wealth come from a good foundation in this area. Your inner athlete also knows that it takes more than just exercise and good nutrition to become an athlete, it takes a mindset and lifestyle approach to truly see results.

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