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    Get Your Diary Out - Let's Get Moving!

    Come and meet the community - your training partners, cheer squad and accountability buddies! There are currently 5 group training sessions per week and you are welcome to come to as many as you like. Get your diary out and make the commitment to coming to at least 1 per week.

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    Download Your 'Principles Of Athlete Mindset' Audio Program

    This is our gift to you. We STRONGLY recommend listening to this before you start joining us for the workouts. This will give you an introduction to creating your personal athlete mindset. This can be downloaded from the 'Start' page.

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    Check Out Your First Recipes

    We've got 5 tasty recipes to get you started. Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free... Yes, there is a reason for this and you'll discover this as you work through the program. For now, keep these on your kitchen shelf for dinners during the week.

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    Watch The Short Video Outlining The 'Belt System'

    We have structured this program with layers of progression, education, information, and most importantly, progress and results. This is possibly the most comprehensive program around and we wanted to make it easy to follow. Check out the video to find out how we do it.

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    Book Your 'Inner Athlete Strategy Session'

    We'll be calling you to arrange a time to chat for 30min. In this session you'll have your road map for the goals you want to achieve. Members of the program get a monthly strategy session. The first one is on us!

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    Join Our Social Media Community

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