Have You Been Stuck On A Treadmill, Going Nowhere But Working Hard?

You know the saying, “Your goals don’t work unless you do”…well, what does this really mean? For example, I know there have been many a goal that I have set in the past that I have worked really hard to achieve and yet I haven’t quite hit the mark that I was aiming for. Is this quote suggesting that I’m not working hard enough? Maybe that I’m not working at all? Have you ever been in this situation? It’s almost as if your trying to run 5km on a treadmill, your legs are going fast but really when you look around you have actually gone nowhere.

So there is a difference between ‘working hard’ and ‘working smart’. There is also a difference between ‘self belief’ and ‘self sabotage’. In each of these scenarios you will feel like you’re doing the do but in only one of each of these scenarios will you actually get the result you want.

As it approaches the end of another year and the start of a new year, ask yourself right now “have you been on a treadmill this year or even just the last few months?” Or have you actually hit the goals you said you wanted to hit this year? Now, if you’re noticing that actually you’ve been on a treadmill, would you like to start turning all that work into results by actually going somewhere?

There are many reasons you might have found yourself on the treadmill, it might have been stormy outside and you were looking for security in the certainty of knowing how fast you were going and the kind of terrain you needed to land your feet on. But the thing with the treadmill is that it gets boring, the scenery is always the same and you have nothing to show for your efforts except some numbers on a screen.

So once you get past the disappointment you might be feeling in the realisation that you haven’t really gone anywhere recently, you can start to look on the bright side and realise that it’s ok, at least you know that you are prepared to put in the work to get a result…all we need to do now is get you working smarter.

How do we do that? Through intelligent goal setting and creating the beliefs and personal resources within that you need to work smarter rather than just harder. It is about setting you up with the motivation, the beliefs and the strategies that will allow you to step away from the certainty and confines of the treadmill and start running outdoors in the fresh air. Setting the goal is only one part of the equation…the internal settings you have in your mind are the part that make the goals work.

Come along to our Best Year Yet workshop where we will step you through both a goal setting and a goal getting process, setting you up for a year of enjoying the beautiful new scenery you will be able to explore. Reserve your seat here now.

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