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What's Included In The Dad-Bod Recovery Program

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    1 Week Detox Reset Jump Start

    Let's face it, you want results fast, so let's kick start this process with a '5 Day Reset'. This will not only kick start your shape change, but it will also help you kick some of your cravings and bad habits, like excess sugar consumption.
    5 Day Nutrition pack includes 3x day nutritionally balanced meal replacements, multiviatmins and multiminerals to aid the detox process and 2x day nutritionally balanced, low GI snacks. This can all be supplemented with raw vegetables to fill any gaps (we'll give you guidance on this)

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    12 Week Nutritional Program And Supplements

    Once you've completed your 5 day kick start, you're ready to change some 'bad habits'. You will receive our 12 week program plus supplements to support your body throughout the program. Plus, these supplements will help you get by on those days you didn't get as much sleep as you like, and combat the effects of stress.

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    Weekly Programs And Training Support

    Get your energy up, reshape your body and start training to be the dad you really want to be. Whether you have 15min or 90min to exercise, its now all about quality over quantity. Learn how to train effectively and how to squeeze it into your day.

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    Weekly Progress Tracking

    This is friendly way of saying a 'weigh in'! But you know that what gets measured gets done, and its all feedback to show how you are progressing.

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    Member's Only Support And Q&A Sessions

    Gain tips and motivations from other 'Dad Bod Recovery Challenge' participants and access to 24/7 questions and answer, plus regular specific tips and strategies based on your questions and challenges.

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For just 6x fortnightly payments of $200 you will receive full access to the 'Dad Bod Recovery Program' ($1200 total cost). The cost is inclusive of the 5 Day Jump Start pack, probiotic and 3x 4 week supply of USANA Cellsentials (multivitamin and multimineral) and BiOmega. Upon enrollment you will also receive you personal challenge guide and how to access the training and nutrition guides.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, or you simply change your mind within the first 14 days, receive a full refund of money paid. And if you follow and complete the challenge without seeing any change, we will continue to work with you on a weekly basis for free until you achieve a result.

"The 12 Week Challenge really does include everything you need to get the results you've always wanted. For years I tried just doing exercise or dieting. This challenge really gave me a blue print for the lifestyle changes I needed to get the results I wanted"

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We've got everything you need to redefine what your 'Dad-Bod' is. All we need from you is your commitment to the program for 12 weeks.

What You Get In The Challenge:

  • 12 Week nutritional program and supplements
  • Weekly workout plans and ideas for short effective workouts
  • Weekly programs, tips and support
  • Weekly progress tracking (ok... It's a "weigh in")
  • Complimentary challenge booklet and guide
  • Closed group access for teamwork, support and 24h answers to your questions
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