Journey To World's Toughest Mudder - Follow The Journey

8 weeks and 3 days until World's Toughest Mudder 2015... Follow and share the journey and discover how you can awaken your inner athlete.

Day 1 - What To Do When You're Not "Feeling It"

Have you ever felt NOT in the mood to do something? Here a trick to switch on your motivation!

The Importance Of Mindset For Results

Mindset - It's the missing link for most people in achieving their results. Check out the video to discover more.

The Importance Of Community For The Athlete Mindset

Every great athlete has a team around them. Who is your team - Your training partners, cheer squad, support crew and constructive critics?

It's Time For A Serious Talk

Have you been 'trying' to lose weight? Watch this 2min video to discover the single biggest mistake most people make, and it's not what you think it might be.

Information Overload

There's so much information around regarding physical fitness and health - good, bad, right, wrong, supporting, conflicting... It gets difficult to know what to believe. We hope this video sheds some light on the topic for you.

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