Better Results Can Come From Adding A Little Excitement To Your Routine. Here’s Why…


Today I thought I’d share some thoughts around switching things up and the benefits of adding variety into your routine. It is true, human beings, we are creatures of habit. We all need structure, routine and certainty in our lives. Sometimes however we can get too comfortable and get stuck in a familiar routine, not realizing that we are no longer working or reaching for our true potential.

Over the weekend, I stepped out of my normal routine. Normally I would do a long run on a Saturday morning, followed by a swim late morning. Then Sunday would consist of a medium length ride and short run straight off the bike. However on Friday some friends of mine put out a different suggestion for training on Sunday. The suggestion was to do a triathlon simulation, which means a swim, ride and run done consecutively without a break. At first I was a little hesitant, it meant doing an extra swim but also riding less distance than I had planned. I felt certain of my original plan and this new plan had me asking questions like “will an extra swim be too much for my shoulders?” and “will the shorter ride distance be enough to get a training effect?” (hardly life changing questions I know and definitely first world problems but this is what I thought!!)

So I embraced the change and went with the new training plan for Sunday and it worked out great. First of all, it meant I got to train with other people – and that pushed me more than I would have pushed myself. It’s great when you know you have worked harder than you would have on your own and you enjoyed it at the same time! Secondly I hadn’t done the three disciplines back to back for a while, which again meant that it was more demanding on my body (in a good way!) Finally, it was far more enjoyable training with friends than training on my own, which is how my training would have gone if I decided I wanted to stick to my original plan.

So the lesson I learnt from my weekend was this…be open to opportunities. Be prepared to be flexible and in doing so, know what your own expectations or benchmarks are so that you can make sure you still hit them, only in a different way. Can you recognise any areas of your life where you have become comfortable/‘bored’? What can you do switch it up a little, create some adventure and excitement and maybe even get better results? It doesn’t need to be a big change, in fact sometimes a big change is more damaging that a small but significant change. For example, going to new locations, meeting new people or even finding new equipment to use can be ways of resourcefully creating variety without creating chaos or overwhelm. To finish with a quote from William Cowper “variety is the spice of life” so remember to add a little ‘zing’ to your routine for a full flavoured and delicious lifestyle.

Until next time, here’s to being the best version of you, you can be.


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