7 Tips To Make Your New Years Resolution A Reality

Ok, I wanted to post this BEFORE New Years Eve, as preparation is the key to action, and action is the key to results. Ultimately, if you are looking to achieve something you don’t already have, there are 2 reasons for this; you haven’t found the right motivation OR you don’t know how to do it effectively or consistently yet.

So here are our top 7 tips to make your New Years resolution a reality

1. Make your goal a performance goal

Performance goals are uniquely motivating and they are distinctly measurable. Both you and the people around you will know when you’ve achieved this. Even for weight loss goals – make this a performance goal and body shape will be taken care of in the process. If you’re struggling to convert your weight loss goal to a performance goal, simply ask yourself the questions:

For what purpose do I want this?

What will being 10kg lighter mean for me?

How will my life improve by achieving this?

What will I be able to do that I can’t currently do?

2. Move your scales out of the bathroom

Many fitness professionals will tell you to ditch the scales, but you need to measure somehow, and if you don’t have another way of measuring, then scales will do. Ideally, get yourself a set of body composition scales and measure your weight AND body fat percentage.
The purpose of moving your scales OUT of the bathroom is so you don’t become a ‘compulsive weigher’. Instead of weighing yourself every time you see the scales (which is often based on emotion), you will weigh yourself at an objective, check in time – a scheduled progress check.

3. Measure your progress

In 14 years of coaching, I am still surprised by the amount of people who use hope as a strategy. What I mean by this is, they set a goal, set a minimum expectation for themselves to achieve this, get distract d and wonder why they’ve not achieved their goal. You’ve got to measure your progress, and there really is no excuse any more for not tracking. 

I personally love tracking my progress, but dislike spending time doing it! So I have apps and gadgets that take care of this for me. They don’t need to be elaborate, and they range from free to $100s of dollars. Some of my favourite trackers are Apple’s health app, My Fitness Pal, Map My Run and Nike Running App… And there are many more. Just google ‘fitness tracking app’.

Now… To make this effective there are 2 criteria; Use the tracking apps every time you workout, and schedule a weekly ‘check in’. This will help keep you accountable.

Bonus Tip: Results take time. It is likely you’ll have a ‘bad week’ – take the feedback, suck it up, replan and make the next week better! Without the measures, you won’t have the feedback of your progress.

4. Don’t focus on what you don’t want.

Your brain can’t process NOT. It must first identify what the NOT thing is, then consciously find an alternative focus (which is not a natural process), and you will get what you consistently focus on. Get VERY clear on what the positive outcome of your actions are.

Once you’re clear on your positive outcome, tell someone so they can remind you, have a ‘why’ phrase to remind you and create a vision board.

5. Little and often is the key to sustainable habits

The enthusiasm of a New Years Resolution tends to bring out the ‘All or nothing’ approach, which creates significant soreness and can be quite demotivating. Lots of small, easily achievable tasks will lead you to success rather than a few massive efforts each week. These ‘massive efforts’ can be quite physically, mentally and emotionally draining. The key here is CONSISTENCY! Start small and build up gradually – “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”

6. You can’t outrun a bad diet

I have to thank Isla from I.S. Fitness for this quote – and it is 100% true. You have to decide what you eat far more often than deciding what you do for a workout. And no matter how much you train, the quality of your results are determined by the quality of food you put in your body. It’s more than calories, and with this, a high potency multivitamin is essential (I’ll explain why in another article). A lot of people believe they get everything from their food – unfortunately, unless you live on an organic, biodynamic farm and only eat food you’ve picked yourself that day, you’re not getting everything you need, especially if your asking more of your body in training.

Take a moment to decide what are 3 common foods to eliminate from your diet, just while you’re working towards your goal.

7. Teamwork

Achieving your New Years resolution is significantly more likely in a group. This creates accountability, support and most of all, it’s fun!!! Get a group of friends together, join a club, get involved with a bootcamp… Whatever suits you, and if your serious about making your New Years resolution a reality this year, then this will be a significant step towards achieving this.

Prepare these 7 tips before the 1st January and get ready to make 2017 your best year yet in health and fitness.

Mark and Sharon are Peak Performance Coaches with 14 years of experience each in improving people’s health and fitness. Click Here to find out more about our new year challenge, starting mid-January.

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