Welcome To The '5 Day Meditation Challenge'

Congratulations on taking on the 5 day meditation challenge - possibly the easiest and most enjoyable challenge you'll ever do!

Through many discussions I have had with clients and friends over the past months, it has become clear to me that meditation is a widely misunderstood practice. People often get put off by the idea that you need the discipline and focus of a Shaolin Monk, or you have to 'do it right' from the beginning to gain benefit from the practice.

What meditation is really about, is clearing your mind and creating a state of physical relaxation with mental clarity and focus. The ultimate goal is to be able to quickly 'empty your mind' and sustain that state for a period of time, but this only comes with practice - and how do you achieve an 'empty mind' if you've never experience this before or been taught what it is or how to achieve it?

This 5 day challenge is designed to be an easy introduction to meditation, teaching you how to quickly achieve the meditative state for faster results in all areas of your life. Before getting to the 'empty mind' stage, we're starting with achieving a single focus for just a short period of time, making this challenge possible to fit in with even the busiest of schedules.

3 Simple Steps To Success

  • 1

    Download the audio files onto your phone

    There are 6 short audio files for you to download to your phone, iPod or other listening device. The reason for this is to have them with you, always (or for at least the next 5 days)

  • 2

    Schedule time in your diary and set a reminder / alarm for these

    There are 3 meditations - first thing in the morning, around mid-day and last thing at night. The fastest way to remember a new routine is to set reminders, so do this NOW. Consistency is the key to success with this challenge!

  • 3

    Commit to doing the meditations

    If you are busy, you need this the most! By scheduling the meditations you can commit them in your diary. The longest is 5 min.

NOTE: To downolad these files using PC - right click and select 'Save Target As'. To download using Mac, hold 'Option' + 'mouse click'


  • Meditation Challenge Intro
    Meditation Challenge Intro

    Listen to this first. This audio will outline the 5 Day Challenge and give you some important background and technique to get the most from this 5 Day Challenge

  • Morning Meditation
    Morning Meditation

    This is your morning meditation to help you get energised and focused for the day ahead

  • Midday Meditation
    Midday Meditation

    This is your midday meditation to help you let go of the stresses of the morning, and regain your focus for a productive afternoon.

  • Evening Meditation
    Evening Meditation

    This evening meditation will help you wind down, tune out from the day and create the state that will give you a deep and restful sleep.

  • Short Meditation
    Short Meditation

    BONUS - This is a short (5min) meditation to add to your collection which you can do any time, any where (except for while driving!). This will assist you in practicing the techniques for great meditation and mindfulness.

  • Long Meditation
    Long Meditation

    BONUS - Similar to the 'Short Meditation', this audio will assist you growing your meditation and mindfulness muscle, but its a bit longer, for those times when you have the opportunity to refocus your mind a little longer, and develop a much deeper state of meditation.